Strange graveyard teleport

I was training around the INN, near the witch, and had some de-sync issues.

I died and decided to relog, and when I logged back in I was in the middle of some random desert with cactus mobs that absolutely destroyed me over and over.

I was trapped there from some time, is there going to be a way to travel between graveyards, or town locations in the future for a fee even? I did not have any materials for a portal at that point, but I understand that’s the power and usefulness of the rune mage.

Hey @Link, maybe we can post these in the main feedback thread so we don’t end up with tons and tons of seperate threads for issues. Makes it harder to keep track of everything.

Before you log in again can you send the error log in your launcher so they can track down the issue?

Also there has been some talk of a low level safety net of being able to teleport back to your house.