Strange happenings in crypt

I have just been to the crypt running a shard 6. At the final boss I died but when he was dispatched I used my roll. Some how I was put into a party with another player, so all the mobs had reset and when I reawakened there was little chance for a single player to get back to the final boss and collect my chests. So my loot is now lost for good is there anything I can do? I was playing as a scoundrel.

That’s extremely strange, we can investigate further. Sorry for the issues. Around what time did you roll for loot?

Once when I was doing a raid I got magical into another party with people who weren’t even on so I don’t think that you just accidentally pressed it

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As near as I can remember it was between 11am and noon GMT when I used my roll and saw two chests. So I thought I would reawaken and walk back as the shortcut was open. At that point I was in a party with one other person. I think it was a new instance of the crypt as all the mobs we had slain were back.

Ok, we’ll take a look. HandyGadget is your character name, right?

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Yes, HandyGadget the scoundrel.

We’ll take a look at the logs and see what we can do. I’ll PM you when I have more information.

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