Strikes Twice clarification

Shaman level 20 talent, Strikes Twice:

When you lightning orb crits it instantly respawns on your totem.

Have not seen this mentioned officially anywhere, but have heard it mentioned by several people.

It has been said that it will continue to check for crit and respawn lightnings accordingly until the normal lightning orb hits the target, then it stops checking for crit and respawning until the next normal lightning orb spawns. The more time the lightning orb spends traveling in the air, the longer your window of opportunity to respawn due to crits…is it true that these two are connected?

As per the Great DPS Rebalancing of 2020 you can find notes on it here:

But essentially the check only happens once the throw is registered. If proced then the next frame update it will spawn in a new orb.


to be clear, the time in air is irrelevant?

Correct. Once you ungrip the orb, that’s when it will determine whether to spawn the next orb instantly or not (if you have that talent).
It doesn’t matter if you get a crit or not, it will do a separate roll here.

I’ll update the talent description to make it more clear.


You will notice though that when you throw your first lightning it will spawn 100% 4 lightnings unless you hit the dummy early. So there is a hidden feature/bug with hitting.

(This will happen every time on totem replacement caused by the Strikes Twice talent)

This should be seen as a feature btw, otherwise melee range shamans would be 100% superiors again. Which was not the intent of shaman :sweat_smile: (or at-least a replacement long range feature if it is going to be changed)


So the only thing that affects the first throw is the All In talent.

How it works is the first throw is marked right when the totem is spawned in. It only changes orbs as being marked as NOT the first throw once an enemy is hit or the orb expires (being alive for too long). So in this case, if you have All In then it will consider any throw a first throw until the first one expires or hits an enemy


Aaah yes! Because it is still seen as a guaranteed crit. Your right! :sweat_smile:

Ok this makes sense! So it is a thing as long as you have all in talent, which almost all do.

Thanks everyone for helping me to understand.


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