Stuck at loading in the character list

Hi! So I thought I’d give this a shot and downloaded the demo on steam - everything loads up just fine but then I just get sat at the screen where the character list would be, but it just says “loading…” as does the server news.

I’ve already done a search but I’ve found no real fixes other than ‘restart the game a bunch of times’ - so I tried that but to no avail.

Little help?


Some ideas:

  • It sounds like Orbus is having trouble connecting to the servers. You might make sure your firewall or security settings are letting Orbus talk to the internet.
  • If the connection types load (should be below the server news thing on the same window), try a different connection type. Not sure it makes any difference on the loading screen though.
  • Have you rebooted your computer since installing? Windows can be super weird like that sometimes…
  • It’s possible the game got corrupted during install? I know it’s annoying, but either verifying file integrity or reinstalling may help.
  • When stumped, one of my favorite solutions for connection issues is “benign neglect”. Sometimes, just walking away from the problem for a few hours fixes the issue, since the issue might not be on your end :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, which headset are you using? I know you’re playing through steam, but that still leaves a good number of possibilities! :slightly_smiling_face: Depending on the issue, it might also help to know your computer specifications.

If none of that helps, the devs are active on the forums here, or someone else might have better insight. I hope you get it working - Orbus really is a lot of fun!

Hi, if you’re on Steam make sure that you’re signed in to the friends list and not appearing offline, I do believe that affects the login portion of it as well. Let us know if none of these suggestions help, and welcome to Orbus.

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Can confirm that effects login.
(tho it did not always , wonder what changed ?)

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