Stuck at tutorial, menu button not working on vive


Hello, just stumbled across Orbus a week ago and made the decision to go all in on VR just to play this game. However, cant get past the tutorial because the menu button is not working. All vive components have the latest update. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Really excited to join the world of Orbus!


Hi, we’re sorry about the issue and will investigate what’s going on for you - is it still going on or did you figure it out?

I can try to get in game with you and help you out, just let me know when you are free. (You can walk down the stairs and leave the tutorial areas and we can meet there. You can return to it later.)


Just to note as well, there are two menu buttons on the Vive. The one below the big touchpad that is sort-of indented is the System menu button, and the one that’s above the touchpad (that has 3 lines on it) is the Game menu button. When we tell you to press the Menu button we mean that top one with 3 lines to get our in-game menu to come up.

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