Stuck combat/graveyard removed for EA?

As the title says, will stuck combat and go to graveyard be removed for EA?

I recommend removing it or warriors will literally be OP tanks. I won’t say why on here but the Devs can PM me if you don’t already know the glitch

Yep I know what you mean. Not OP though

Have we fixed this already, or is this something were not aware of ?

I mentioned it at beta 4 start and was told not to worry about it because it was tied to stuck combat

To answer the original question, the eventual goal is to remove Stuck in Combat completely. I’m not sure that we’re totally there yet, so instead I will be adding a cooldown onto it (probably like 15 minutes or something). That way if it’s just happening every so often you can still use it, but it can’t be abused for various things like running through zones ignoring monsters, exploits around Warrior shields, exploits around resurrecting people once you were in combat, etc.

Return to Graveyard will be staying for now as well, but it will have the durability penalty added in, again simply to prevent using it as a fast-travel mechanic.

These are meant to be “last ditch effort” buttons, not anything else.

Regarding the exploit/glitch specifically being discussed here, regardless of the Stuck in Combat mechanic there was a bug where the Warrior shield was regaining its health pretty much instantly when outside of combat, rather than slowly over time (the way a player’s health returns). That allowed you to mash the Stuck in Combat button and basically get your shield back anytime you wanted. Which obviously greatly unbalanced the game. So not only will adding the Stuck in Combat cooldown help with this, but I have fixed that bug and now the Warrior’s shield correctly regains its health outside of combat just like the player, which was the intended way the mechanic should have worked anyway. So even if Stuck in Combat is used, I don’t think the glitch will actually help you anymore since you would re-gain at most like 1/10th of your shield’s HP in-between attacks.

If that’s not the glitch you were talking about, please PM me with more details.

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There is also the random bug that turns the shield unbreakable. I reported it a while ago. I couldn’t pin down what causes it. The shield bar goes gray and it can’t be broken.

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That is probably the one i’m talking about. I was able to solo any single monster than didn’t one shot my shield health. While blocking with the shield it would regenerate fast enough where it was at full or almost there i between every swing the monster made. If i aggroed another monster it would put me in combat again, if i got hit directly to my health It would put me in combat. But I could tank bosses and large groups of monsters so long as they only hit my shield (and i pressed the out of combat button)

I remember using this to kill that hunched over NPC by that lake (looks like the thing from LoTR). Took me almost 30 minutes (or more) My arm was dead afterwards but it goes to show you how crazy that exploit is

Just to be sure, you had to keep pressing the Stuck in Combat button repeatedly? Or you just pressed it one time when you engaged a single mob and then you were never put in combat again for that mob even after it attacked you again?

I aggro the mob, run so i don’t get hit and press the button. I can then indefinitely tank the mob. i will remain out of combat so long as I receive no damage to my health bar and no other monsters join the fight. Spiders spawn spider who will cause you to go in combat once aggroed, nearby monsters can aggro you and put you in combat. But all i have to do is run away, press stuck in combat, and run tanking all the monsters who were already fallowing me. No need to spam the button

Okay, thanks. I’ll make some additional changes to prevent that as well.

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How are you holding aggro to “tank” these mobs?

Left Right Up is the combo you’re looking for. also spam the Horn

So doing damage isn’t putting us in combat.

Yes doing damage does put you into combat, they are talking about using one of the features we had in for the Alpha/Beta testing (Stuck in Combat) and mis-using it by attacking a mob then using the button to get out of combat then going back and attacking the mob without being put in combat. Once you attack a monster or it aggros you, you are placed in combat. This reduces your movement speed (you use a “sprint” energy pool) and also prevents you from regen health. But once out of combat your health will automatically start re-filling and you can move faster. The only way to actually get out of combat is to kill the monster aggroing you, run away far enough the monster resets, or die. We have taken some additional steps to prevent this button from being abused as it is meant only to help when you run into an actual bug in game and not meant to be used as a game mechanic.

Hey Robert, the monsters have an aggro table like most MMOs and like other games that aggro is gained from Damage, team healing, ect. The warrior additionally has aggro generating abilities that Michael was referencing

I get it. I thought he meant he was just aggro tanking without actually doing damage to stay “out of combat” for the regen and having others kill the mob.

Nope… used to be that one monster would only “aggro” you once to put you in combat. you could then press stuck in combat to lose the penalties for the rest of the fight… Only thing that could put you there again was with a new mob attacking you.

And that went for all the classes.

So doing damage doesn’t put you in combat every time just the first time you get put on the aggro table. Should be a simple fix?