Stuck, died and no graveyard!


I was out Exploring and entered a lovely field of flowers but got a bit to close to what looked like a troll with a staff. Needless to say I died with 1 strike. I pressed the button that should take me to a graveyard and nothing happened - I just came alive again on the same spot then instantly died again as troll was still there. I tried logging out that didn’t help. I re-checked my settings but all was right. I even tried pressing the button moving a step so I could slowly die but move slowly out of the area but it kept respawning me back down by the enemy. Can someone please help! I don’t want to have to start all over again and work my way back with a new character. Many thanks Lexiee


Sounds like you entered Lamavora from guild city.
Might want to ask @Riley_D to move your character.
If you ask in discord im sure someone would pop over to kill it for you.


DIscord?? Sorry what’s that? I’m really new to all this so sorry for sounding stupid. Probably why I ventured somewhere I shouldn’t have yet till I was I lot more powerful :rofl::joy:


How rude I didn’t even say thank you to you Gix for replying - so THANK YOU


Hey there, sorry for the issue - I’ve tried teleporting your character back to your house, let me know if you’re good now. If you were logged it at the time I would need to do it again once you are logged out, so let me know if that’s the case.


@Mathieu_D thank so much it worked! I thought I’d be out the game for days so thanks for an amazingly quick reply :+1:t2::+1:t2:


No problem, welcome to Orbus!


Just to answer your Discord question, Discord is a voice/text chat platform that most players use to coordinate group activities and get help with quests and stuff. You can either install a program on your computer, or use it through a web browser. Here’s a link to the Unofficial Orbus Discord:


i had the same issue in reborn the waste land at to grave yard spawn killed i had to find a de agro point after i made it home