Stuck in a blue screen


After crashing from this world boss shenanigans, I am stuck in a blue screen after relogging. Character name is SirSchmoopy


I am as well. Same place, same raid. In game name Magist


I am as well. Need a warp to house if possible. Ign is blomba


I’ve put you all back in your player house, see if that fixes it. Let me know if you’re still having the issue, sorry about that.


fixed for me. thank you


I am fixed thanks




Should be fixed.

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thank you im in my player house


Same problem as above


Should be good to go.


So it doesn’t look like the zone process crashed. But you all had a client-side crash? Was it the one where you saw a blue or yellow screen followed by the game crashing? Or did it crash first just normally and then after that the next time you logged in it had the blue/yellow screen?


It was during the world boss, a lot of us got randomly pulled under the map and had to go graveyard to get back to the boss, it was a very strange thing, it happened about 3 times throughout the night, I wasn’t livestreaming this time so I cant show a clip but I think @Master_Shadow may be able to give you a clip of it


@Riley_D for me it was when the scav boss enraged, gave me a yellow screen. I re logged, then was stuck in nothing.


Was going to loot the chest, and bam, everything turned yellow!
Rebooted game, and logged back in, and everything was still yellow, then turned black.


Sometimes in dungons we end up under the floor in a similar fashion mabey these events are related


Here is the link to the stream:

I will update this post as I find the spots where crashes happened.

Trying to join a full shard causing weirdness for a few minutes until about 25:30:

Getting stuck on nothing + no health bar and no damage numbers on boss:

Chest not displaying contents and not going away after opening it:
(It didn’t display contents about 90% of the time last night)

Not too far from the last one we have the first of what @Rickness_Voidwalker was mentioning:
(Oh, yeah, and issues resurrecting)

Mass locomotion loss or ability to interact with things:

@Riley_D That’s all within the first hour of the stream. Don’t want to make a wall of video links… There are several other issues happening to other people that you can hear over discord being discussed as well. Several of these issues present again in the remaining 2 hours. of the stream. Might be worth just watching the whole stream. :smiley:


This just happened to me! Name in game is TallTim


Should be good to go.


And again this has happened. massive leg spike. boss enrages turning my whole screen yellow. now im stuck in blue screen. need a port to home @Mathieu_D @Riley_D