Stuck in combat after public events end


Flying fish and essence portal events still keep you in combat when the event ends if there are mobs in combat with you, stuck in combat doesn’t get you out of combat, you are forever stuck in combat until you relog, I have an output log if you need it


I experienced this a few times in the beta but have not experienced it post release. Thought it was fixed!


We’ll investigate this. Has it happened to you 100% of the time if a mob is alive, or just randomly?


The other day I was stuck in combat after finishing the event right outside Highsteppe. I looked around to see if something had aggro’ed me before relogging. Doesn’t happen every time, but seems random to me.


Everytime that I am still in combat when it ends, it happens at flying fish 100% of the time, the portal event I’m not 100% sure as I’m not often in combat


Also happens on the crystal cave event when that ends


This is still happening. Stuck in combat when the mobs disappear (if you were in combat). Stuck combat button fixes for half a second, then you are back in combat again immediately. You have to logout or teleport to fix.


Here is a video of how to replicate this, it happens at crystal mines, flying fish and highsteppe portal as far as I can remember

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I would also like to note you can walk far away from the event then press stuck in combat and you will still be in combat. So it is not like the mobs are invisibly aggro’ing you at the same spot or something.


So I believe we fixed the issue on all of the “throw thing in thing” event types, let us know if you’re getting stuck at this point after an event ends.