Stuck in combat often as well as Poison orb not returning

Yesterday playing me and my friend both got stuck in combat multiple times. We would either need to reengage another enemy and kill it to get out of combat or re-log. Also I’m playing musketeer and my poison orb just wouldn’t return after use had to either swap it out and back again or re-log as well.

Related to stuck combat: This is an issue we’re working on. You’re able to escape combat once every 10 minutes by using the Stuck Combat button in the general section of your settings.

We’re also tracking the musketeer orb disappearance. Just out of curiosity, next time this happens, try putting your weapon away (behind your back) and taking it back out again. I think that may work, but I’d like to know for sure.

Thanks for reporting!

i can confirm that that putting weapon away and taking it back out again is a shot term fix

The other short term fixes:

  1. Removing orb from slot, re-equipping it
  2. logging out and back in

Boy does it keep you on your toes trying to heal a group while trying to figure out “Is my orb not re-spawning? Do I have time to put my gun away and pull it back out?” It is an elusive bug that is hard to recreate. The devs have been informed though. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I have also experienced this problem as a musketeer grouping with a warrior. It fairly reliably keeps me stuck in combat when I use my turret during quick pulls. As far as I can tell it doesn’t matter if the turret is set for damage or heals.

Only being able to unstick once every ten minutes is really annoying when its rate of occurrence seems to be around 1 in 3 pulls.

I’ve just resorted to never using my turret.

Okay, so you’re only experiencing this issue when using your Turret? Great thanks for the feedback that helps narrow it down a lot.

Can you let me know if this is fixed after today’s patch goes live in about an hour? Thanks!

I won’t be able to login until later tonight, but I will definitely try it out and let you know.

I think I started getting stuck in combat more often once I got a pet dragon. Maybe it’s a similar phenomenon to the turret, where it does something at the end of combat that prevents it from ending.

Got stuck in combat for the first time now, but nothing helps to get unstuck. Tried that button in settings, attack other enemies and won the fight, re-log and died from enemy.

What else can I do?

Open your inventory and check your weight. You may be carrying too much.

Damn…I feel dumb. That was it. :sweat_smile:
Thank you…

No problem! Happy it resolved the issue.

So this doesn’t actually do anything for me like 90% of the time. I’ve been stuck in combat about 6-8 times thus far, and only twice has the “stuck combat” button ever done anything for me. Every other time, all it does is turn off my music and force me to travel to a new zone to “re-enable” music, otherwise I just have no BGM forever. Starting more combat doesn’t turn the combat music on, and leaving combat doesn’t turn the normal Zone-BGM back on. And the whole time, I’m still walking super slowly or relying on the stamina system to teleport.

Did you check your inventory weight? It sounds like you might be overweight as well. If not let us know.

Definitely not overweight. This happens to me constantly, and after restarting the game my speed is normal again, but I have to restart if I want that normal speed again. Restarting wouldn’t fix overweight if that were the problem.

When you say you’ve been stuck in combat 6-8 times, is that like 6-8 times in an hour? Or…? Also what class are you playing?

The issue of getting stuck in combat while I (a musketeer) am grouped with a warrior and chain pulling mobs seems to be fixed. I was able to use my turret as often as it was available and we did not get stuck in combat tonight like we did last night.

There was one occasion, inside the level 8 dungeon, where the warrior did get stuck in combat, but it seemed entirely unrelated to the previous class of stuck in combat issues we were facing.

Tonight’s experience was much more enjoyable. Thank you!

I’ve been able to reproduce this while solo by evading a mob and then re-engaging and killing it. The menu option has been able to fix it every time so far.