Stuck In The Player House Void

So I can’t hammer throw, sword rush, or teleport into any of the rooms near me in my house. I entered the house and teleported into the void a few steps above the roof of any of the rooms. I’m currently holding goblin tokens because I just came back from the hunt so I can’t teleport or use my home teleport item because of the tokens. So I either float up here until devs help me, or I delete my tokens to get back to my house.

I’m officially frustrated with this issue and decided I’d channel that frustration into a silly little video.


Let me know when you’re logged out and I should be able to teleport you properly in the house.

I’m logged out now, thank you @Mathieu_D

FYI, you could have just hit “go to graveyard” you don’t drop pvp loot in your house.

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Should be teleported now.

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Thanks again

Yeah wasn’t sure about that so I wasn’t going to risk it