Stuck on kid brothe quest

im not sure if theres a bug but i dont know how to do this quest
i went to the jail was told i need authrisation but i dont know where to got from here
i was told i need to get somthing from the libry but i can not find anything in there
andy help would be much apritiated

Assuming you are on the Kid Brother quest, as I think the library quest is earlier in the chain.
Are you able to get into the jail tower?
Did you get the Jail key yet?
Did you talk to the guards? What did they ask for?

yes i miss read the gards respons and just bribed him the second time i talked to him
some times a little brake realy dose help :slight_smile:

Did you figure this out, I got in the jail, but I have no clue how to break the brother out.

have you broken into the cell, or talked to him yet?

There’s a brothel quest?!?


just hit the bars i did firebolt but i dont think it maters what you hit them with

Thank you, I tried frostbolt, I’ll try firebolt later, thanks.

How did you do it? I’m a runemage as well and all my spells go through the bars without braking them :frowning:

There is (or was) only a certain section of the bars you can hit. And only on one cell.

Thanks i’ll have to try it again tomorrow then

yes its the cell to the right of the door so you have to go right then rght to get to him and i hit it with fire bolt 3 not sure if you jneed to get it in the right spot as my first 1 did it and not sure if the damage maters eather but if i remeber corectly i hit the cell where he is stood (i was aming at him) :slight_smile:

Thx Neil! It worked! :grinning:

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