Stuck on opening screen


hmd type: rift
launcher used: oculus app


i’ve played orbus for a bit now. last time i played was about 2 months ago, i had no issues then. today when i try to come back to the game i load up orbus from oculus launcher, the game loads up alright and brings me to the login screen. once there it shows my character in front of me (level 0 which isnt right but w/e i honestly dont mind starting over). and down where the login portion is supposed to be it shows “select connection type” in the left panel, and in the right where im supposed to log in and select my characters it says “loading characters”… forever. the list never actualy loads, it just says loading characters.

i’ve tried uninstall and reinstall which no change.


Servers are currently down until Reborn is launched April 23rd.


ah k, thats kinda what i figured. sucks but oh well, thanks for the quick reply