Suggestion about Pickaxe

Maybe a quality of life type deal but what if when you grabbed your pickaxe it remained in your hand until you hit the grab button again. Just seems awkward to try and keep pressure on it while swinging. :slight_smile:


Oh, my, Gd yes. I keep forgetting to post about this but every freaking time I pick up my axe I think “man I wish it would stay in my hand.” I would love for it to be an option in the menu that grip goes from “hold” to “click”.


really? i’m the opposite regarding our weapons. i just want them to be dismissed as soon as i let go of them. i find it annoying having to put away my musket then wave at a guy. hold a different combination of things to every other game to point then pull my gun back out.

if it was grasp to keep equipped i could just stop holding it outside of combat.

If it was a toggle it would be easier maybe? So you hold the pickaxe and then press grip and it drops it? However that could be an issue if you accidently grip while attacking…So I guess I do think holding the grip is the best solution.

in all things options are the best course of action. especially mmo’s. the best mmo’s let you customise everything right down to how to use the interface. if the devs could see their way to include the 3 variants and have it customisable per belt position that would be best

eg hold “grasp” to keep the item equipped, press grasp to equip and unequip, press grasp to equip and return too it’s holster and press to unequip.

I agree with Scott_G, options would be best as I find the grip buttons on the Vive controllers are hard to keep a hold of, pressing them is no issue but holding down can be uncomfortable.

I’m sure the team will add something, they seem to be doing incredibly well regarding feedback.


I guess there’s an inconsistency between the weapons, which stay in your hand without holding the grip, and the pickaxe which doesn’t.
However, I’ve definitely got used to it now, and as you only use the pickaxe for one swing and then you want to drop it, it seems like a reasonable setup. A toggle option wouldn’t hurt of course, but I think it might not be a priority.

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I would hate this, so I agree with Scott it’d have to be an option.

I actually like the way this is implemented right now :slight_smile:

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Its the inconsistency that feels weird, not the fact that letting go drops it (as it should imo)

Holding my bow would be annoying as heck, but it feels better with the axe. I’m fine with the way it is personally.


I’m not sure about the axe being a one hit when gathering because I find I have to swing a lot sometimes for it to register. I’m also a very tall guy so it may have something to do with me not getting low enough for it to register. I also have large hands which is why I think it’s awkward to try and keep a grip on the button while swinging the axe. I know it may seem like you don’t do it very often but I find in some spots I’m getting 3-4 nods in a spot. But having a toggle as an option would be great. :slight_smile:

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This is pretty normal. Queens ear / roto spores usually take 1-2 swings but man I swear its impossible to get Reedflutes without slashing a million times over.

weapon equip and unequip defintely bothered me initially given how the rift standard for this is to hold the grasp button

from other suns snaps weapons back to your hips upon release and robo recall just drops the weapons.

pointing is another awkward experience compared to touch controller standards. in most touch controlled games you point by not touching your trigger and grasping. so it’s basically the complete opposite process in orbusVR

Pointing works that way in orbus too.

I would love this option as in current state Im finding myself sliding to the node grabbing pickaxe and… autorun is on and Im doing circles around the node haha

technically it does but it seems a bit haphazard. there’s a bit of hesitation to it trying to point in what i would call the standard way.

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