[Suggestion] Allow interacting with things while weapons are drawn

As a ranger, I typically have my bow in one hand and the arrow in another. This means I have to stow one anytime I wish to pick up a drop on the ground, interact with my journal, etc. It becomes quite tedious. Could it instead be based on proximity? IE if I reach down towards a drop then the weapon disappears and becomes a hand again to grab the item. If I reach back up again then it’s back to being my weapon. Especially for health potions, it seems rangers are at a major disadvantage to other classes that I have to first stow a weapon, grab a potion, then drink it. By then I’m usually dead.

I think Rangers have it worst here. Musketeers can use their loading hand, Warriors can use their shield hand, and Runemages likely have a free hand (don’t have that discipline yet). Letting Rangers have their bow hand or arrow hand more “free” is a must. Ranger is fun, but it’s a bit of a chore.

Allow us to use a Vive tracker to grab stuff with our feet.

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And how do you want to reach behind your head with your foot?

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If you can’t do it buy the yoga VR app.

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Well… I didn´t try it :joy:

I didn’t even know that other classes had it that easy :joy:

So make the game less realistic by allowing you to hold a bow and arrow and still pick something up? They’re already doing you a favor by only making you grab special arrows from a “quiver”

Honestly, I’d prefer they make the game more like every other archery game by having you draw the arrow from over your shoulder after each fire. Then rangers would always have a hand free to easily drink potions. To use your special arrows you can press another button while the arrow is drawn, and to see if you have a special arrow available it could be another icon on your bow like the charged shot is. This prevents you from having to keep glancing down to see if your special has recharged yet. This is how QuiVr does it, and it works quite well.


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