Suggestion for cash shop

The addition of extra character slots would probably rake in a few extra dollars from players :slight_smile: I would definitely buy one or two.


Great idea. Extra character slots are so good that I bought the game twice back when it was $40. Would be great to have a way to purchase them and have them all on one account.


The last we heard about this was in Q&A 3

Character slots: This was on Q&A#1, but it wasn’t on the roadmap. I was curious if it’s something that will be done and fitted in between the other bits on the roadmap if and when you get time, or if it’s later on the roadmap starting in 2021?

This will be something coming out in 2021 (first part of the year).

Still no mention on how much this will cost or anything yet though though I’ve been told that we will be able to transfer our characters from our second accounts over to our main account so we can have all 4 of our excising characters on the same account if that’s what we want, also no mention if there will be a limit to how many extra character slots we’ll be able to buy

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And this is what they said in the 1st Dev Q&A about it

Will we be able to buy more character slots any time soon?

Yes, I don’t have the specifics on how it will work yet, but this is something that I know the community has been asking for and we will schedule time to implement.

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Cross-character storaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


So much this, please.


I’d be happy to pay real money in the cash shop to unlock cross character storage

@Robert make it happen :heart: