Suggestion for Warrior class (Ultimate)


Today I just had an idea for the ultimate ability of warrior class : Become a giant ! (to protect your friends)

  • While you are a giant, you will generate more aggro, so monsters will focus you instead of your team.
  • Your stun last longer
  • Your “shield skill” (big blue) become larger.
  • Your size increase (x1.5 or x2, I don’t know but you get the idea I think :slight_smile:)
  • (All your defensive ability will be stronger)

Sorry if this idea was already posted, or if the ultimate skill for warrior class was already planned. (But I haven’t see any info about it yet)

Well, that’s just an idea.


Hey Victor,

I believe it would be a major pain to have that ability in narrow spaces (dungeons) or when your camera gets stuck inside a tree (cos of your height). Not mentioning the fact with hitboxes, managing them might be a problem for different sizes.
I would rather have some situational skills for the warrior which would require thinking or skills to time or use time. (something like healing back to full life with a few secs of attack buff but zeroing aggro on all monsters, etc…).

I like how you think outside of the box though, such suggestion might take off in the future for some really novel gameplay so just keep them coming I guess.

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The giant effect could be 1.3 i guess it will be ok or change by something like the player become a little bit red outlined (rage mod) or his weapons.

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What if the ability scaled your character to the size of the enemy you were fighting? If your opponent can fit in the area without clipping through other objects it seems reasonable that you would be able to do the same.

This doesn’t help solve the hitbox issue, but maybe that’s as simple as scaling the hitbox by the same amount you scale the avatar? I think my biggest concern would be with teleportation at the new size. If your hitbox grew large enough you may run into a situation where you aren’t able to teleport out of range of an incoming attack. I guess you could also scale the teleportation radius, but now this is really becoming a lot of work.

Just my thoughts to help fuel the discussion of what I think is a really neat idea. Even if it isn’t used as a warrior ability, or even a combat ability at all, I think size altering items or spells would be fun :slight_smile:

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Then what would happen when you fight one of the frogs at the beginning zone?


Haha, good catch. I definitely meant to account for scaling against opponents smaller than yourself. If that’s the case then perhaps you don’t receive any size benefit in the warrior ability scenario, but still receive the other ability benefits. If you’re using this as a fun item or spell then I think it would be just as fun to be able to target an opponent smaller than yourself and shrink in size.

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I think it sounds like a capital idea. Even a small amount of size scaling (20-50%) would probably feel quite awesome in VR

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I also think that playing with character model size sounds very cool, but wouldn’t the tank getting bigger become a problem for ranged characters who need line-of-sight to hit their targets? :man_with_turban:

You could also make an ultimate which for example Refreshes all your skill cooldowns and buffs your attack damage and or sword range (like an energy blade extension so we can have nice coloured effects on the sword). The giant one seems to have just too many pitfalls to be honest even if the idea is nice.

You are right, that’s probably hard to make, and with many hidden problem, but if it’s possible I think that will be very cool !
Even with +20% size, that will be enough. (or like @ImBanana said, maybe the tank can become a little bit red outlined too)

  • I agree, that will be cool if his ultimate increase HP / heal him.
    But I think it’s better to increase the shield than the sword (or both, but not just the sword, that’s not his job to deal damage, or maybe i’m wrong)
  • I agree too for the cooldowns, but I think it’s better to reduce them instead of instant refresh.

Yea, line of sight can be a problem. Maybe he will have to go behind or right / left side, + if his friends aren’t in front of the monster, that will protect them from some AOE damage :slight_smile:
(exemple : that will work for the blue monster in starting area, and with the giant deer too)
But, maybe i’m wrong, 10-20% size won’t have a huge impact on this ?