[Suggestion] Getting more shards when destroying rare equipment

When I destroy a low level yellow equipment I get the same amount (1) of shards as when I destroy a blue level 12 weapon. I think you should get more of an advantage when u destroy a high level or rare weapon otherwise people will just farm low level monsters they can one-shot so they get shards easily.

in beta i got more powerful shardsfor more powerful gear. level may be a thing. or perhaps it’s tied to rarity. Minor shards and Greater shards (maybe others too)

There are minor and major shards, Micheal is right and it is tied to rarity. Rarer drops are more likely to become major shards.


I’m fairly certain that the rarer drops also have a chance to give additional shards in addition to higher quality ones, as Smooch called out.

Weapons give major shards, and armor give minor shards from my experience.

What do you use shards for? (I’m a newbie)

Eventually you will use them as part of Artificing/Runesmithing, a high end tradeskill.

You can also sell them to the apprentice for dram.

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