[Suggestion] Indicator to show who is talking

When my wife was playing Orbus she was confused about who is actually talking. I told her bout the talking indicator but I agreed with her when she said that was much too small. I came up with a idea on how this could maybe be improved.


Problem with this is that you might not be able to see it when facing somebody from the front. A moving mouth could also help for people that are near u. Any ideas?


My biggest problem is that like 30% of people have sensitive mics and always have that talking icon above them. So i still can’t know which voice comes from which person with the mic icon! I think the loudest person should have their icon be orange or green or something so everyone sees who it is that is talking. Typically it’s just one person talking at a time. and depending how close a target is to you that can influence if his mic thing will be colored or not. so you may have the loudest out of your group on one end of highstep, and there can be another group on the other side with another. idk if this makes sense lol


I agree its confusing to know exactly whos talking when the icon is always being displayed.

An ideal solution would be to animate it the louder the sound is. So it pulses as people are talking.


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