[Suggestion] Item diversity

A few days ago I started farming in the jungle and now in the desert. Everything just drops blue scales or feathers …its the same items everywhere… I mean, RED dragons dropping blue scales… well…alright… but cactaurs dropping blue scales and feathers? Truffle Boars dropping blue scales and feathers. …everything just dropping blue scales and feathers … I really wish there were more different items to collect. Why not let the cactaur drop his flower he has on his had? Or a cactus needle or something? The items don’t even need to have any use right now. Maybe they can be used in recipes later or something… but I really wish there was more then just these few items. I haven’t seen a new etc item in 3 days and I doubt there are any more. I really hope you will do something about this. Thanks!

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I agree. I think that’s the “Early Access” part of things. I’m sure they’re still working on assets. Given that they have been working on this for 18 months or so and have a dev team of 6-7 people, I’m pretty impressed.

Still… I agree that this is something that needs improved. Asset diversity is an issue at this point.


Agreed, though its nice to know what everything in a game actually is/does. Lots of games bombard you with useless garbage every step of the way and I really hope Orbus only brings in items with use. Trash just gets in the way.

And by trash i mean items with literally no use but to break them apart. I dont mind seeing the same gear drop a lot as thats part of the fun of hunting better gear.

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Just letting you lower levels know there’s a lot of stuff you haven’t seen.

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I don’t doubt that in any way, but I think even those “filler levels” should provide something interesting… even if it’s just new etc-loot you never found before and now start thinking bout what U could probably use it for

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