Suggestion: Make bards into real entertainers


As it is right now, bards are fun and helpful. But not for their music, that part drives people CRAZY.

They play the same tune over and over, using the same few notes, on the same instrument, for hours.

What would make bards weird and wonderful like they should be is access to higher and lower octaves, as well as a variety of instruments:

Holding the trigger on either mallet could increase or decrease the octave of the notes being played, allowing for a range of 21 notes instead of 7.

Possible instrument changes could include replacing the xylophone sound with the blocky clonk of wood blocks. The deep rumble of hide drums. The Caribbean twang of steel drums. Even the haunting tone of a pipe organ.

With these tools, bards could go from your baby brother smashing his toy xylophone in the other room to legitimate entertainers.

(Also access to a drum sound would make it much easier to mask how bad your playing is, because the frantic smashing would just be the uprising cacophony of war drums.)


Yeah this definitely needs more fleshing out. It’s functional right now, but it could be so much better/more interesting.


Obviously I only speak for myself but I would be willing to buy new instrument sounds from the micro transaction store. I think they would be that fun.


That’s a great idea. I think that would increase the number of people that play the bard too. Because right now, I’ve seen maybe 5 people playing it.


I really like this idea.


from what i hear, a lot of people do not play bard because they think the xylophone is kinda silly and they cannot play their fav instrument.

great suggestion.


Yep i’m slowly annoyed by my own redundant sounds… playing bard frequently by now I noticed you can develop a skill or routine more easy if there’s no changes in note-order. You learn to anticipate notes and to play without looking even, which helps a great deal to build up orbs.

However the change to other types of sounds would not affect this, so I’m all for that.


Another glaring issue is the fact that the scale you are given is missing a note. So you cannot play even some of the simplest tunes for fun. Even if the added note on the scale was not used in the combat minigame it would avail a number of tunes to be played.


Yeah. Anyone remember when we only had 5 notes? Seriously though a full octave starting on C and ending on the C an octave higher and sharps and flat notes for the instrument. You can barely play anything on it because its not fleshed out with a full octave. On top of not being able to use any sharps or flats it becomes impossible to play any song that has sharps or flats or is in a different key than A minor or C major.


How about separating the idea of musical instruments from the class? Add some tools that, upon equipping, load up with whatever. A sitar, a banjo, what have you. Make those rare or community event related items, bam!

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Gimmie a lute or harp and I’d be so happy

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I’d like to see something similar to what warframe did. Be able to edit the instruments sound back in your player home. Now with certain sets of instruments, hitting correct notes would play the notes I chose in my player house. Example two healing and two damage would be one set of notes of my choosing, or two healing and the two debuff ones would be another set of notes of my choosing, ect ect. This way you could bring in your own tunes.