Suggestion - Mine cave stellagmite/tite for ore

Allow me to smash my pick against the wall of ANY cave biome for a small chance at ANY ore.

A better chance to get whatever is normally in that cave. (Have it like fishing , but for rocks)

Put stelagtite on ceiling like Mayo you can shoot and when they hit the ground spawn 1-3 ore nodes.

Just let me take my pick to a stellagmite and sit there whacking for hours instead of playing high-speed wack a mole for nodes. (Its more realistic and will save my sanity)

Perhaps have me upgrade my pick in a mining related quest to be able to gather all the types of stone from the walls.

It could be fun !


These are nice ideas, would spice up farming in overworld caves, alot :slight_smile:

(Would not mind if something like it would be implemented in the questing dlc dungeon also, like, your personal farming dungeon, where finally no one can snitch ores away… should be a lower chance though, or a respawn timer not resetting on dungeon reset, to not flood the market with ores).


I dont want the wall hitting to be a respawn timer , but the stelagtites yes make them rare/rarer than normal nodes.

Have the wall whacking give you a crap material most of the time
mined x3 smoothe stone
Wack wack wack wack wack
mined x1 smoothe stone
Wack wack wack
*mined decent ore , thank you rng *
Wack wack …

Here is an idea to piggy back it off the fishing system:

Each wack = x spins of the reel for distance traveled and have the rng for ore based off of variables of which cave you are in .

Ex : sorrow cave drops that yellow ore most of the time but has a decent chance for other ore and a rare chance for ore only found in xx level zone.

I want it to be best to mine the ore you are looking for in the cave it naturally spawns BUT have all other ore be a possible ‘drop’ from any mine.

Also , you should be able to smash the tinker lantern into the mining helmet to make the light useable. :3