[Suggestion] Simplify equipment comparison

One of the difficulties that I face is when getting new gear in my inventory. Basically, I want to compare what I have with what I just picked up.

To do that, I have to:

  • Touch and hold the gear
  • Remember its stats
  • Touch it again to de-select it
    and repeat the process my equipped gear.

It would be nice if there was some sort of comparison with the equipped gear when you select an item.

Even better, if there was some area in the GUI that you could print out the object attributes, that would be even more useful for comparing two items in your inventory.


Yeah I feel like when you hover over it in the bag it should show its stats relative to whats equipped. Good suggestion!

As a note for you related to this topic. You don’t have to touch an item and select it in order for the tool tip to pop up. You can hover your finger close to it (I think it causes the item border to highlight orange) and wait for the tool tip to appear as well. This will remove one of the three steps involved in your process at least.

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This took me a full day to figure out. Navigating the UI was much more fluid since. It could be made more obvious somehow. Maybe the sound effects the team just put in would help.

Ya the added UI sounds will help a lot with the tool tips, you can now tell if you are hovering right and its not appearing or if you are doing something wrong in the hovering, it seems to help me at least.


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