Suggestion: Spell scrolls

Many RPGs have spell scrolls, consumable items created by mages that store a spell in them. These scrolls then allow inexperienced mages, or even non-casters, access to spells they normally cannot cast, albeit with some limitations. Scrolls are not normally meant to be superior to regular spellcasting, but rather a tool to compensate for lack of regular spellcasting in certain situations.

I propose spell scrolls should require some material components, like any crafting system in the game, and some mechanic for actually transforming those materials into the final product. I suggest some resource that can be found in the world is used for the material, and a ritual spell for actually creating the scrolls.

I suggest the ritual consist of three runes cast in succession, with one of the runes being the actual spell to be stored in the scroll. Then when the ritual has been successfully cast, a scroll is created. There should also be a penalty of failure, as with other crafting professions. If you fail to cast the ritual correctly, you would still consume the ingredients. My suggestion would be that the spell you are trying to craft a scroll of should be the last rune in the ritual, then only if that one fails do you consume the ingredients. Failure before then could simply do nothing.

Scrolls could be equipped in a tool slot, similar to potions. It could also be possible to stack scrolls of the same type in the slot. Using the scroll would require picking it up, then pressing a button to “cast” the spell, then finally pressing another button to release the spell, similarily to how runemages conventionally cast spells. You might then aim and direct the spell with your hand.

Scrolls should be single use only. Casting a spell from a scroll should take some non-zero amount of time, as scrolls should not be superior to regular spellcasting, but rather a tool for those who can’t cast the spells normally. I suggest that activating a scroll should be slightly slower than casting it normally. The power of the spell in the scroll could also scale in some sensible way to the caster. I think a reasonable balance goal would be that no runemage would choose to use a scroll if they know the spell, and no other classes would choose to not include a runemage in their party because they can instead rely on scrolls.

I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks about this system.

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I’ve never seen that in an mmo, but sounds interesting

World of Warcraft has them, but I think they only have scrolls for basic stat buffs.
They’re very common in tabletop RPGs, however.

Yeah you can’t put spells in scrolls in WoW. but it may be interesting for teleport spells and resurrection. I don’t think it’s useful to store 1 fireball. but maybe if you farm a bunch you can send out like a hundred of them quickly. I never play tabletop RPGs so I have no idea how that all plays out and how it would work in a VR MMO

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But for the rituals (portals and res) scrolls can be very usefull

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Keep in mind that the primary users of scrolls would not be mages themselves, but other classes. Fireball would not be a particularily useful spell to make scrolls of, all classes can already attack. What might be more useful is for example rituals (if those should be possible to store), or more utility/situational spells like polymorph, pushback, frostbolt etc., that can be really good in a pinch.

Yeah i get you. sounds cool

definetly like the idea of scrolls storing precast spells.

some further ideas:
different types of paper for tier 1-3 spells. harder to make and more expensive materials per tier
once paper is acquired the spell has to be performed on the paper. write the runes and store the reagent into the paper.

this would make rezzing players viable for non mage classes. the tradeoff is in drams to purchase.

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I think this could really detract from some of the greatest points of the runemage- I get where you’re coming from but it seems like a bad idea to me. I think a nice thing about this game is having a trade off when you pick between the classes, and everything isn’t immediately and easily accessible. I could get on board with the rituals but not additional spells.


I agree with luvsto. Being a mage, I feel like having other classes be able to cast things like frost, pushback, etc. kinda defeats the purpose of even having a mage in the party. Rituals could act just like a mage’s rituals. When in combat, they don’t work. I would be completely down for that. Plus I wouldn’t have to remember the dozens of teleport locations after a while xD


Literally every player can do the questline to get a wand and every player can also cast any spell.
So it behooves everyone to acquire one, because when not in combat anyone can unequip their favored weapon and grab their wand, cast a Resurrection or Portal spell, switch back to their primary weapon, and then be on their way.
You know, if they have reagents on-hand. You’re not also suggesting that scrolls wouldn’t require reagents be the creator or the caster to cheat around that requirement too, right?

IMHO, giving the ability to cast magic without the live drawing of runes under the pressure of immediate need/combat cheapens the runemage class and the amount of real, actual practice it requires to be even just decent.
OTOH, one-time-use scrolls that must take up an equipment slot on your chest limits their use in combat since you could only equip 2 at a time, and it would quickly be annoying to open your inventory and restock your shirts’ pockets…

EDIT to add:
Remember too the lore in OrbusVR! What does Guardian Bart tell you? Pagan magic is evil! It’s forbidden! It’s looked down upon in even impolite society.
My interpretation then is that heroic warriors, archers, and musketeers would NOT want to be caught with scrolls of magic on their person! :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel this would make eliminate they point of needing a mage around.

I.e. take the appreciation of having a talented make around you

I like this idea a lot. The use of reagents or materials to create scrolls would be additional items for crafting/ vendoring and provide a money sink that players would happily support.

Additionally it would give players options to fill holes in their class kits if they take the time, inventory space, and cash to do so. I could easily see warriors using low tier scrolls instead of face pulling for example.

Downsides would be balance issues and problems in PvP.

bart also said musketeers are unethical. runemages are basically opposed to the land’s dominant religion

nobody is asking for scrolls to be free or to replace mages. in my version of events scrolls are made by player mages and sold to people who for whatever reason can’t or wont use a wand. IE teleportation for non rune mages and resurrection scrolls.

the reagents could be provided by the scroll caster or baked into the scroll based on whatevers the more balanced setup.

not all of us can make rune mage work. be it skill, practise, memory, disability, latency or system performance rune mage has many limiting factors that scrolls could partially mitigate.

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not everybody needs to be a mage. scrolls may become mandatory in high end dungeons and raids which probably isn’t a good thing. I feel like if you can’t do it for whatever reason you just can’t do it. I imagine people who have shoulder problems won’t be able to be an effective warrior or archer. musketeer is a good option for people who don’t want a workout or can’t manage to do it

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That’s exactly what scrolls are for, their whole purpose is to be able to give their user some quick alternatives if they can’t cast with their normal means at any time - that includes pressure from monsters and enemies.

I like the idea of scrolls but I’ve got a suggestion for it. Only mages can make them and there is a single spell, which has to be done at the end of crafting a scroll to make them. If you do it this way others still have to rely on mages to make them.
Also a scroll should be used for rituals and not spells.
I’m looking forward to all of your opinions. :grinning:

Minor correction, you can’t store all spells in scrolls in WoW but there are totally scrolls that allow you to cast fireball, aoe fire spells, various buffs and effects.

I am actually not too positive about the spell scroll idea but don’t want to detail why exactly, it definitely could be cool though.

I’m not sure about recently, and there may be some random or rare scroll i’ve never seen but i don’t think there’s any type of scrolls except to buff stats to you or your raid…:stuck_out_tongue: Please let me know which ones let you cast spells so I can be Op as a feral druid in wow.

Most of them are not very useful in actual endgame content. Just search “warcraft spell scroll” and wowhead will present you with some neat ones. You can uh… go spec into ranged moonfire… :confused: Sum Durids is 4 fite!