Suggestion - World Events

I recently finished re-watching an anime called ‘Log Horizon’, it has a similar premise to Sword Art Online – Players get stuck in a MMO – but Log Horizon has a very different world, with different rules.

Spoilers for Log Horizon below, If you haven’t watched the Anime, or haven’t read the Novels/Manga, and it sounds interesting to you, you may want to skip the next paragraph.

In the world of ‘The Elder Tale’ - The game that the players are now stuck in – They would have annual world events, one of which becomes the premise of the later parts of the first season. It is called ‘The Return of the Goblin King’, In normal gameplay, the event never completed, as top level players from across the server would go in & clear the goblins for valuable EXP/Money & Loot, during the Anime, the players get preoccupied with figuring out how to make the world livable, and forget about the ‘Return of the Goblin King’, allowing the first stage of the event to complete & cause goblin attacks across the region, requiring the players to defend strategic areas of the world from the siege.

Done with the Spoilers now.

I think that it’d be interesting if Orbus could have similar events, Maybe there could be multiple clans of the Pigmen, with some way to tell the various clans apart. In say Late summer, there would be an increase of pigmen of all clans appearing in the depths of the wilderness, eventually spawning some form of camps, which the higher level players already in the wilderness would notice. After a set amount of time, villages & forts near the border of the Wilderness would start giving out quests to go in & kill the pigmen, or see what the pigmen are up to in the wilderness. Villagers in the border villages would start commenting on the fact that they would see pigmen passing the village during the night.

Eventually several Elite pigmen would appear, one from each clan, and if they weren’t all defeated within a certain amount of time, the villages near the wilderness would be attacked, and if the defenses don’t hold, (The elite pigman will spawn during the attack, if it is defeated, the pigmen would run from the village) the pigmen would take over the village, requiring players to come in to defeat the elite pigman that is now in control of the village. During the attack on the village, if the graveyard has pigmen within a certain distance of it, it would stop functioning to increase the difficulty.

I think that it’d be most interesting if the event took place over a couple of weeks, say two weeks from the initial increase of pigmen in the wilderness to the appearance of the elites, and a few days until the attacks on the villages.

Of course, events like this would probably only appear after the game is released, but I think that it would be a great way to get multiple fellowships to join together to defeat something that would be a danger to the safety of the land. It’d be like an outdoors dungeon! It could also be a source of some more Lore, maybe there could be long-ruined villages in the depths of the wilderness…

On another note, it’d also be nice to have more standard ‘Holiday’ events, like in some other MMOs, it would be cool to see decorations appear around the villages, and some events related to the season as well.