Sunflower Seeds

Is there a way to get a second Sunflower Seed? Because tinny only gives you one and i want another one… cause why not _’-’_/

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No there isnt another way currently

can the page leave my journal then (:


would you be able to implement another way to get them?

Hi, I messed up when making the recipe. I was inexperienced in alchemy and did not know that the brew can and will change it’s color multiple times and now I am stuck on this quest. I guess thats not that big of a problem but it would be nice if you could either buy or find more sundflower seeds.

Btw, I had the same problem with the healing potion. I thought that the first color change to turquois is the yellow indicated in the journal and therefore messed up the first 10 tries. Only after watching a video linked in the forum I realized my error. Especially for the first brew it would be nice to have some kind of hint that the brew will change color multiple times or at least make the target color more different from the first one.

You can just deliver the ruined potion to the Witch. She will accept that too for the quest.

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i also have no bag of sunflower seeds think possibly due to a crash and cant make potion or ruined potion without so any chance someone is able to add to my inventory because i cant cancel the quest and redo it or get from with another bag

oh nevermind just threw some reedflute in coldren and used jar to get ruined :slight_smile:

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