Super Pet treats

Can you bring back those special pet treats that are around the world that max out the pets happiness that you could use once a week or whatever the limits was on that

I loved hunting for these when they were released and they were super useful to feed to our pets before our shard runs and stuff


Yes please, Return the antidepressants for my pet, its cruel to withhold them


These amazing pictures just took me back!! Thank you! I second this post!

I also miss the Dragon aquarium, I wish we also had that back!

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if we had this back we could maybe also get the achievement back too again since it’s uncompletable right now

That’s a legacy achievement, we should have a new achievement, not the same one.

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well its not in legacy for me

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While the old achievement isn’t actually in the legacy grouping, it should be a legacy achievement and there should be a new one for in reborn if the Dev Dudes do bring these treats back, but this thread isn’t about achievements, though those do need some improvements, it’s about the happy pills for the pets that have depression and the adventure you take together finding them all again

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Missed the one in highstep by the teleport. I 100% agree with you.

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I give that comment three bum bum bums and two waa waas!