Super sampling vs graphics settings

The names and levels of other players quite blurry from the distance, what is the best way to make it more clear with less load on the PC?

I tried Super sampling as I’d read it might help, using steam and vive, but it caused the game to crash quite frequently, unplayable frequently. Haven’t had trouble after changing it back to default (1 value). So I don’t recommend changing that, but if you find another way to reduce blurriness I’d love to hear about it

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i will say it is possible to run the game on Ultra and Super Sampling 5.0 and be stable but it takes a monster of a computer and the game looks amazing

I believe Riley has said that the game has built in SS. It’s better to play on Ultra than low and SS 2.0+

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Yeah, Im running a game server at the same time, so Im looking at “budget” options to increase sharpiness :smile: Im pretty happy with graphics otherways.

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