Swipe Rotate Settings Acting weird?

Last night I was trying out the swipe rotate functionality, I noticed that it seemed to rotate me based on the center of play playarea instead of my characters position. Is this intended? I found it very un-intuitive as I was trying to use it in the middle of a bunch of mobs, and kept pulling them based on the strange rotation mechanics. I also had a hard time using the functionality on the vive trackpads. It would be really cool to be able to click the trackpad in to rotate and even adjust the degrees of rotation to help turn around faster. Anyone else notice this or think this is strange?

You have a lot of options in the settings to suit you pefer way of moving such as linking your head oritentation to the foward direction of the trackpad and enabling side movement which i found the best combinaison for me, but i didn’t tryed the swipe to rotate tho, maybe it’s more intended for oculus and work’s in a tricky way on the vive ?

Sure but typically when you choose to do swipe rotation it rotates you around the center of your character not the center of your playspace, which is my main issue. The other part would be a nice to have suggestions based on how hard I found it to constantly swipe to rotate along with the fact the swipe motion was inverted from what I was used to in order to rotate. That is what I was thinking too, is that it was more optimized for the oculus touch controllers.

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