Talking About Fishes

I think fishing is awesome and I can spend hours doing it. add in some strangers who happen upon the same fishing spot and it becomes a really great and low risk way to socialize (as opposed to other content which may demand skill or knowledge on your part).

I think the entire aspect of fishing could be improved in some ways, though i’m not sure what is possible so i’ll list some things I’d love to see.

•being able to take the fish off and hold it. could be temporarily so you can show people around you fishing. I’d say each fish would have to differ in size depending on the Lb. of the fish, otherwise it’s sort of pointless.

•being able to show off your largest catch of each fish. sort of similar to the last point. Maybe we could mount the fish and decorate our homes with them(and other things?). I don’t know how that would translate as an item in the game, would each fish have to be a separate item? I guess I’d be ok with that, fish take space. only so much room in ur cooler.
At any rate, I’d much like to show people what I’ve achieved in fishing.

•different methods for different fish. I’d really like it if fish could behave differently. We could predict what fish we hooked by their movements while hooked. Maybe one fish reels in really slow because it’s heavy, but the line also breaks slower, so more work but same style of fishing as now. One fish could be really fast so it takes your line out far if you lapse in reeling, obviously it would still pull a little while line is red but maybe you just have to reel consistently but slower and it reels in and doesn’t snap the line.
Maybe one fish is notorious for snapping the line because of sharp teeth, make the line go red very quickly so you MUST stop right away, or perhaps make the line turning red sort of random or sporradic so you can’t easily anticipate when to stop reeling.

•Schools of fish. I’d like to see fish migrate or gather in one small area. to this point maybe we could chum the waters to attract schools with crafted chum, or we just try to identify or look for a spot which has a school of fish. This would make it worth it to travel for fish that you need instead of just going to the ‘trusty ol fishing-hole’.

•this is a question i guess anyone can answer. do specific fish like specific bait? what i mean is, will an eye by itself catch 1 fish and a tongue by itself catches another fish, and an eye+tongue catches both those fish? or is it that specific fish like specific combinations of bait? I had this problem with potions. I don’t want to experiment because 99% of combinations possible are failed potions. The rest are very specific patterns. I guess I’d like some way to gain the knowledge slowly but reliably. Right now you must have a quest or npc tell you the instructions, google it or literally try every possible combination(which obviously is much larger for alchemy than fishing) and take note of what worked(shits too real lol). And in terms of fishing that means you would have to fish a billion times to rule out some background RNG to how the fish bite or how/when the actual fish has been selected as that fish particularly(like how some games have a chest which already contains items randomly generated at server reset, or they are generated upon opening the chest).

•Pulling up on the fishing pole during red. I do it even though it’s not a thing. u should make this a thing. make fishing legit. Also maybe for more difficult fish you can take away the red line make the vibration on the rod hand increase and you have to pull up to reduce the buzz enough to where we can continue reeling. Let’s gets some endgame for the fishermen/women around here! :slight_smile:

•sometimes you catch a rock, sometimes even a piece of gear! jk, but no really can i have a super small change to gain a random piece of gear appropriate to the Monsters nearby? yo tell me that’s not dope.

•why am I leveling fishing? Do i get leet skills when i hit lvl 20 fishing? I think the fishing rod should be just something a character class would take out. I don’t want to be a lvl 5 fisherman in a zone with lvl 20s ganging or all types of super high lvl monsters. I always aggro stuff lol. If leveling stays it should be tied into the challenge of fishing. Maybe unlock different places to fish in, enhancements to fishing and bait, maybe unlock a freaking tiny boat thing or a raft to fish from. dope. Or maybe it can be tied to the difficulty of reeling in the fish like one of my earlier points. At higher levels(if we don’t get any changes to how looted fish work) we can catch multiple fish at once(weird).

•cosmetic options or items to acquire out in the world or as drops that can spice up the fishing scene.

•world boss only a lvl 20 fisherman can fish up! bro.

•you know what would be kinda neat? if you could help teach someone how to fish and gain some experience from it, or even better, give experience to another player. wouldn’t it be cool if you had some way to give another helpful player something kinda anonymously. like if a runemage helped me learn a spell either I can give him some xp for teaching someone a spell because you also learn when you teach, or i get xp for learning. Maybe it takes cap from you, maybe there’s a cool down, maybe this idea is bad.


This I’ll answer. Yeah, specific fish like specific bait. And yes, you can combine two baits to catch two different fish. I’ve spent much (if not most) of my in-game time figuring out ideal lure combinations.


Great to know! I haven’t used a scale yet because i didn’t want to waste it!

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