Tavern minigames?


One thing I’m noticing, since getting into VR, is that it’s really the little things that make the biggest difference. In a lot of games, simply being able to speak and see and gesture with people creates an additional level of immersion and emergent fun not present in screen games.

For the most part, OrbusVR nails this. Something like potion crafting instantly becomes so much more engaging, just because you have to use your hands, and have good timing, and follow directions, etc (rather than just clicking a button in a menu).

Along this same line of thinking, I think it would be cool if the game had taverns, where you could just chill and play some tabletop games or something. Even if there was just one super simple game, like dice poker in the Witcher.

Sometimes you feel like adventuring and leveling and all that good stuff - but other times not so much. It’d be nice to wander to the tavern, hang out with people, and maybe play a few simple rounds of one of those games. Perhaps you could raise the stakes and put money on it. Or perhaps a tournament would be organized around it. Either way, it would just be one of those little details that would up the immersion and add some emergent fun.


The tavern would have to be moved to highsteppe for this to work but still a good idea


Oh whoops, there’s my ignorance… I’m brand new so I didn’t even know about the existing tavern. But in any case yeah, it would still be cool to be able to find a table, pull out a game, and play with some friends. And then yeah, it might be good to add a tavern to Highsteppe too.

And if the devs somehow had a ton of time and effort to dedicate to this (I know they don’t), one of the tavern minigames could be some sort of game with collectibles (e.g. a card game). That would help add at least one more endgame option as incentive to keep playing. People could work on collecting, trading, and/or crafting the game pieces, and building a deck or whatever.


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