Teleport card for scoundrel

Shaman can wall climb
Paladins can teleport
It would be cool if there was a rare chance a teleport card would pop up in the deck for scoundrel.

Except that scoundrel is a ranged class and being teleported randomly when not paying attention would be annoying

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But teleporting away from mobs to get your rank 5 would be nice. As long as the next bullet does double the damage to stabalize dps.


Or you could store it in your belt for later

Well yes. But it could slip in when im not paying attention and cause a wipe on mistkeeper

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You mean you don’t want to teleport next to the boss during damage phase or into the orbs? Next you’ll tell me you don’t want to teleport into the circles under the tank in airship or into rapid fire!

That said, even for people that do pay attention and don’t just automatically throw up or burn, while it might be nice on occasion, I doubt most scoundrels want another card that would dilute their damage cards, so unless it has some burn value.

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Yeah. Generally, mishaps that occur due to not paying attention can be annoying sometimes. Happens to me as well.

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