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Is there any rationalization as to why the location and rune pairing for the teleport markers aren’t transcribed to your journal upon discovery? It’s the only thing I’ve had to “take down a note” for outside of the game. I have a nice document going with all the locations growing, but it sure would be nice to just leave my HMD on, whip out my book and review them in game when I’m portaling… spells you use a lot and rarely (actually never) have I had to “look up” a rune for a spell. I have, however, looked at my portal notes a couple times…

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My guess is that they would take up too much space with the current sizing they use for runes. Also tier 3 and some 2 spells can’t be transcribed as well due to the book only being 2 demensional

Teleport markers, not spells. I’ve not seen any 3D portals (just spells). Two runes per page isn’t crazy unreasonable technically. Must be some other reason.

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I was kind of annoyed by this early on as well. As I’m leveling up and seeing more stones to new places, it is really starting to grow on me. The library of locations in my head isn’t as tough to keep as I thought it would be.

There’s a language of sorts, or at least a pattern, to the stones. You can deduce the symbols for locations you haven’t been to if you pay attention. Porting blind into the Rain Forest was awesome. I had no idea where I was going, but I was stoked when I got there!

Kinda reminds me of old Ultima Online. I can’t remember a thing about most of the MMOs I’ve played over the years, but I can still remember Kal Ort Por and Vas Flam from 20 years ago.


small runes could be placed on your map if they’re concerned about the journal getting too cumbersome to use

@David_V : hah, same. Vas Flam was a big fireball and Kal Ort Por was decend or ascend into the ground or something :blush:. I guess, for ports in here, the diamond rune indicates the starter area, and the second rune the specific locale (as a major and minor tuning of location) but still… As @scott_g mentioned, a minor rune pair on the map (if discovered) would be awesome.

Makes me wonder: why does a teleport pillar glow upon first discovery if 1: nothing is changed in your book and 2: you could blindly portal there sans discovery anyway? Kinda odd!

No dev rationalization for lacking portal marker notes?

It is for a possible coming addition to the game that they get discovered like that, something with possibly being able to teleport to the rune pillars from central locations without the spells since some people aren’t able to cast them. @Barry_W It’s a bit much to expect the developers to come and rationalize everything they do multiple times on every forum post. How about you go through the discord and the forums and read their posts they’ve written and then ask further questions they haven’t answered before? The same questions get asked a 100 times, at some point people need to use a search function.

I presume this is because you found such information on Discord (or perhaps here—more relevant since this is the OrbusVR forum), even though I’ve looked and cannot. If you had, posting what you read may have been a shorter response than a boilerplate “use search newb: asked and answered.”

Here you go friend.

Teleport + Journal

Atleast 6 topics on the subject.

Maybe a half-way solution? Instead of a rune pair on the map for each discovered stone, the middle rune for the overall area on each full map page once you’ve discovered all of the stones in that area AND have discovered the journal entry map page to put it on?

Alternately, a more long term solution would be allowing us to scribble notes to ourselves on our journal maps. “Here be monsters!”

On the one hand, memorization is satisfying and I’m glad I don’t have to flip past 10 pages of runes with one location per page. On the other hand, it could all fit on one page and it breaks immersion just a bit to look at my irl whiteboard where I wrote them down. On a third hand, I haven’t actually used teleport yet.

@Death_By_Pony thanks—looks like the threads I read when I searched! Indeed I read those completely and they do in fact discuss various aspects of teleportation markers and the journal… but never why they don’t get into the journal—only that they don’t. The unique question of why not has actually not been asked or answered here… at least not that my 30 minutes of searching has turned up.


Yeah I think they just don’t want to tell why they did this. I and others tried to get it out of them by asking (gently) multiple times by now. And I also searched the forum and have read most posts on the forum… So lets just assume that we will not know by asking on the forum. You are 100% right to ask this question.

It might be buried somewhere on the chaotic discord (searching there won’t help either) or on a Youtube video, but other than that there is no way to know.


I did remember a post about that, but for my memory it was a suggestion from someone who wanted their teleports centralized in their Fellowship hall / house. But I don’t think the devs responded on that. I can not find this post anymore. Maybe you can.

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