Test the game for free?

How to play the game without paying to see if you like it and if you don’t like it refund it?

Sorry Roy_H there’s currently no way to play for free(trial). As far as I know, there might be something planned for after Early Access is done. But that’s just what I’ve heard.

Ow ok. But is there a way to get a 100% refund if bought?

I’m just a player, not part of the OrbusVR team. As a player though, it’s definitely worth it in my opinion

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steam refund if u only play for like hal an hour and request refund

For steam refund i would need to w8 until 15th of December to buy it. But i would love to try it like today already

There have been talks of having a free weekend or a 4 level trial in the future but not until after Early Access.

For now I would suggest watching a stream or YouTube videos to see if it is something you would like. All of us here love the game and would kindly accept you if you decide to buy it.

Hmm i think i will buy it. Looks so fun and with the plan in the head that there is coming allot of more stuff soon, epic!
Is the price the same now as it will be on the release?

Early access I believe is $40, but that won’t be until Dec 15, if you want to dive in today for the rest of the Beta(ends Dec 8) then it’s $50 or more if you want to be a higher tiered backer. If you enter Beta now, then you can also start on Dec 13 for extra early access. There will be a wipe of characters after Dec 8.

Hmm ok./ Well i do not think 50 dollars is worth it now, i will buy it later on then for 40 when it get’s into early acces.

Alright. Cya in 12 days! My names Sour. Nice to meet ya. :cowboy_hat_face:

Today is the day! Hype!


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