Text message/Message Emotes for dungeon parties

So explanation of the background about the suggestion:

We’ve had wipes because our tank was desync’ed so we couldn’t tell how much hp the tank had and the tank couldn’t hear us or was ignoring us. In fact, we didn’t know he was still in the dungeon until we were preparing for the boss and suddenly the boss entered aggro mode. Made the entire dungeon a mess until we just gave up because if we let him tank, he’d die and we’d just wipe. If I switched to tank we’d get hit by a desync’ed attack (usually seems to happen when you have two tanks or a dps that pulls the aggro off the desync’ed tank), the boss will start doing a second set of attacks that you can’t see).

Unlike healer where you can tell you are desync’ed, there is very little to let a dps or tank to know that they are desync’ed. Even worse if they can hear you and talk to you, but are desync’ed just enough to matter.

However, if we could send text messages to our party members, it might help (or signboard emotes like: Wait!).

There are also times when someone can’t talk (bug or real life issues) and it might be useful if they could do a quick message like: Wait or Need time.

There is a text message system in the game. It’s pretty cumbersome, but it has some of those features. The limit is they have to be in your friends list first. (Possibly fellowship, but I don’t remember for sure…)

The messages pop up on the screen briefly before being stored in the ‘messages’ section of the menu.

Exactly what my post is about. My post is about the fact that you can only message friends right now. This means if someone is desync’ed, you can’t send them a message because you can’t add them as a friend.

I think they did that to minimize spam messages. Maybe allow messages between party members as long as they are in a party together? It would have to be done carefully to keep abuse of the system to a minimum. Also, there is no guarantee that text messages will be received by someone who is desynced. That’s the problem - their client isn’t communicating appropriately with the server.

Wait… did you read my first post? The send message to party members while they are in a party is what I suggested. Although I also suggested emote signboards for in case they can’t receive messages.