Thank you! The Archives blew my mind

I wanted to type this up before too much time passed and I forgot:

I got into the Archives last night, and I just wanted to tell the Devs thanks!
I was THERE. It was insane how much of reality fell away as I crept through the maze of books in the dark. It was spooky and I was nervous as I rounded every corner.
The lighting in particular was spectacular. Squinting in the dark, trying to read my journal blew my mind and when I thought to cast a light spell and use my wand as a torch, I really felt as if I were creeping through somewhere dangerous looking for hidden treasure.

Just. Thanks. You guys have made something amazing and I am having a blast exploring your world.

Keep up the great work!


You can also pick up the candles to read the journal

I didn’t read the post in case of spoilers :frowning:

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

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Yes, that place was amazing! I also found my little contribution. Your writer did great work weaving it into the lore. I really appreciate that.


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