The best thing about Orbus - the leveling system

I’ve been thinking a lot about Orbus lately (1 week until beta 1) and realized something. Even though the game just came out of alpha, it has one of the most naturally complex leveling systems. Sure there are level numbers, but the true level is experience. You can powerlevel to 20 and get the best gear in the game, but face a level 20 that worked hard for each level and you’ll be destroyed.

Since alpha 1 I pledged to be a great warrior. Loved the idea behind the class. Starting out I couldn’t do anything (this was before combos and I don’t even think the shield worked yet) I struggled to even keep my shield in place and swing my sword at the same time.

After all these tests and practice I have everything devoted to muscle memory I can block in 1 direction, combo in another, and look around scanning my teammates and positioning all at the same time. I don’t even think about where to block, what combo to use, or when to sword rush or dodge.

Orbus is the first game I’ve actually gotten better at physically as opposed to min-max numbers.

If anyone hasn’t opted into the beta yet, do it! It’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else and the feeling of accomplishment is incredible. Just felt like sharing :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I think one of the interesting things about the combat mechanics and VR in general is that we’ve tried to allow your actual ability to come through in the game. So it’s not just about in-battle decision making and then pressing a button to execute a perfect attack, you actually have to practice swinging the sword combos, or drawing the Runemage spells, or aiming your gun. The more you play the class the more muscle memory starts to take over as well which is very neat to see.

Glad to hear that’s been your experience because that’s definitely one of the things we were going for!