The Delete Character Button

The delete character button is too close to the login button. Every time I want to log in to Orbus I have the option to slip and hit the delete character button and possibly lose hundreds of hours of progress. I’m aware that it asks you whether or not you want to delete the character, but considering that the controllers have the chance to lose tracking at random it’s a real possibility that I could delete my character, which I’ve spent so much time on, unintentionally. Please remove this button from the login menu, sooner or later it’ll save someone and it would bring me much peace of mind. I would suggest having a button in settings that stops the delete character button from appearing on a character when it’s toggled.


an easy solution would be to have a check that makes you spell your name or something


IlIlllIIIIllllIIlllIIlll character name?

They could also just have it where it asks you to press & hold w/ a filling gauge or circle gauge (idk, 8 seconds?) followed by a confirm option. In addition to moving the button.

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dont sass me!


Needing to type delete or confirm would be my go to solution for this


Common problem!
PM the dev’s and you’ll be up and running in no time!

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No, I haven’t deleted my account, I’m just saying that it’s too important to be able to do on accident.

Or like any system admin functions when you delete important files, “type yes or no”.

I agree…even with the update to the roll for shards, I have inadvertently hit the wrong one that was intended at least twice since implementation.

Just about to say this.

I’m just going to put this as another option, an undo button available if you delete a character.
Then you can easily regain your character when you are on that “oh shit” moment.

Or … have the button further away from the log in button.

Or, have the buttons colour coordinated

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