The desert dungeon is pretty bugged. And frustratingly so

To be clear, this definitely isn’t a one-time thing. I’ve been in the desert dungeon several times, but now it’s gotten so bad that it’s gotten extremely frustrating.

All of these bugs have to do with the Dweorg soldiers (lovingly called R2D2s by our group):

  1. One of them, when shooting the pink circles, shoots either below the floor or its AOE is just completely invisible.
  2. That same one can shoot behind itself, or to it’s side (when it’s not even looking at you).
  3. Also, as of recently, it can shoot you no matter what part of the dungeon you’re in. Even in spawn.
  4. I believe two others do no damage at all.
  5. The one that’s glitched seems to target me the most…? (Even when I was the lowest level, middle level, or highest)

Examples of 1:

Examples of 2: (Could be argued that he did look at me last second, but seems too quick to me) (Clearest example)
Examples of 3:
Examples of 4:
Example of 5:
The whole video.

If you guys want to look at the logs, this was around 9:50 PM CST on 1/7/2018. My IGN is Matthew, same as my nickname here.


Just want to confirm that this has been an issue on every run I’ve been on in this zone. The one Matthew took a video of above is the first time I personally was in a group that beat the R2’s. The bug where the AOE is invisible usually destroys the group.

Sorry I meant to respond to this earlier and say thank you for that detailed report, we will definitely look into that shortly and hopefully get some fixes out the door.


that amazing healing is probably why

No problem, just love the game and want to see it grow even larger.

Can confirm invisible AOE is happening multiple times. In my experience not as consistent as Matthew explains, but consistent enough to wipe many many groups.

After they die, they continue to take hits while running back as well, as explained in number 3.

From every time I’ve played, the invisible AOE only happens with one of them, and it seems to be the same one, to the point of us being able to guess which one is the “glitched one” and then fighting the other two, which is what we ended up doing in the above video.

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