The first dungeon used to be the most impressive thing

So, yeah, back in closed beta 3 and 4 the first dungeon was what impressed me the most and it was a lot of fun.
Now its not anymore… and the reasons are numerous bugs and glitches.

I was farming monsters infront of the dungoen entry hoping to get into a dungeon party. I was invited into a party and at this point we were a 5 people party… so, what should go wrong?

It started when we entered the dungeon. Numerous of us spawned below the dungeon, some could not even get inside and had white screens. We were 2 people in the dungeon at that point and some needed help walking back so those inside the dungeon stepped outside to help em on the way… but then we spawned below the world and had to go back to graveyard just to walk all the way again. This happened twice… and by that point two people were disappointed and logged out… we tried doing the dungeon with a three people party. We encountered a dragon stuck in the wall which we couldnt attack. Next a giant kelpie stuck in the wall which we couldnt attack, but it did attack us.

Near the bridge the troll/ogre walked into the bridge (yes, he was half inside the bridge) and we could not hit him. We managed to pass that and right before the room with the purple stone ornaments a group of monsters appeared from within the walls… and killed the whole party…cause, well, we could not see them within the wall.

We managed to reach the boss… but ultimately could not kill it. We got it pierced by the stones 3 times and we could then damage him, but it seems the crouch animation was removed. When we got him down to like 60% the whole dungeon reset and we decided to just stop.

We were all really really disappointed. This used to be an awesome experience, but this time it was just awful. I tell everybody in this game how awesome it is to get into the dungeon… but now I hope they wont be able to go there until its fixed… its not any fun right now :frowning:

This is the number one issue on my list right now, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I see the crash in our logs on what happened there, sorry about that, it will be fixed this morning.

Honestly, I think part of the problem is that not a lot of people were doing the dungeons more than one time if it all in the Beta. I will be sure we run through them and work out the bugs ASAP, I agree that the Cave Dungeon is one of the best early-game experiences and we need it to be working well. Thanks for taking the time to let us know about those issues.

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Im so glad to hear that its the number one priority. I really hope you expected to be stuck with bug fixing and polishing now for the first month (at least?) after starting early access.

All the people I talk to say they really like the game and see lots of potential, but they also report the exact same thing I reported back in closed beta… such as slots in the inventory not highlighting, missing sound effects, same music repeat all the time, not hearing enemies approaching from behind. Its lots of (very) small issues, but they take away a lot of the fun from the game I am afraid.

I will continue to support this game for sure but I really hope others will be as forgiving as your core community. I also think it would be a good idea to post on steam a list of acknowledged bugs and problems sou you won’t be swarmed by the same reports again and again.

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