The icons on the Journal

When ever I go to grab the book to move it or when I’m simply just getting closer to the book to read it I accidentally push one of the icons and it goes to a different page. Would be great if I could move the icons on the top or something. If I’m already able to do this please let me know because that would be great!


Yup, me too!

Glad i’m not the only one haha

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It drives a bunch of us crazy. Not sure if that will change though, we haven’t seen any signs in other posts where we said the same thing.

Oh, that is very disappointing. I mean just trying to turn the page causes me to push the icons sometimes.

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Agreed, I try to keep my hands far from the book. Being a shaman though, my hands always tend to be in front, this affects the book and the roll prompts in shard dunegons. I have hit accept or cancel countless times without meaning too since my hands happen to be right there when it pops up. Murphy’s law, it ALWAYS picks the wrong option. Luckily for the shard one, the dev’s are working on adding a prompt.
Maybe they are listening and thinking of a better way to make the book menu. Without any feedback from them though I just cannot say, but keep wishing instead.

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They do read the suggestions we make :slight_smile: . They just don’t always respond

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I’m sure they do :). I sent in bug reports on a few things I’ve been encountering and they sent me an email describing a few things about the bugs and letting me know that one wasn’t a bug lol. (My bad). xD

There’s hundreds of reported bugs in the game which are all on the roadmap and prioritized, normally. However, Qol things which are just tedious but not gamebreaking likely don’t have priority. Also some are more timeconsuming to fix than others, or might break other things if not done thoroughly or simply involving devs who are tied up with forthcomin content also… so yea patience and it will be done eventually…

I am used to grab the book rather in the middle btw, then place it outta reach when crafting, so it does not happen that often anymore, to me.

You are lucky that they wrote back to you, I never heard anything back about the bugs I’ve filed and they still live on today! As a result, I totally gave up on that system since it doesn’t seem to work or work as intended!

The bug submitting tool should be used whenever you encounter a bug. Sending in enough reports from enough players tell the devs its a common bug and that means it could be fixed faster.


Me to or tree or… Same issue here lol