The In-Game Store

The store needs a serious update. It’s an important source of revenue for the devs and a place of interest for many players, but it’s currently lacking in appeal. The goal should be to provide interesting products without creating a pay-to-win environment. Here’s a few product suggestions to be made available for purchase.

The most basic of purchasable products should be Dram. This simply creates a currency exchange and pay-to-win can be avoided here by keeping game-changing items out of the game store and npc merchant stores. Currently, Dram comes easily and it wouldn’t be a primary pick for most when visiting the store. This just means the product isn’t an absolute need but is available to those who want a bit more and are willing to obtain it with a quick purchase.

Customization and aesthetic options are a common interest to players and should absolutely be made available for purchase. Most of these materials should be found in the world while some should be unique to merchants at high Dram prices. These products can be armor skin and costume sets and pieces, weapon skins, capes, dyes, and plenty more. Temporary items should be in the store as seasons and holidays go by and be only available there for purchase with fiat money.
This concept will work much better if the option to lock an appearance feature is made available for all parts and is more obvious than the no-helmet feature that is currently tucked away in the settings. Just put a “lock appearance” or “lock skin” checkbox next to every relatable equip slot and lock that appearance in despite armor changes if the box is checked.

Crafting and cooking resources. These have to be priced with dram and be a considerable choice compared to farming them by hand. This should not be every possible resource the game provides, but only the common and uncommon basics in every category: plants, minerals, fish, etc. Additionally, resources that are uncommon and up in rarity should be put on a cycle that slides their rarity up and down throughout the year.

These additions and changes would improve the store and provide benefits to both the players and the devs. This would also innately turn more players into farmers, traders via auction and stall, and collectors without hurting those of us who just want to kill things.

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I didn’t read all of it, but I only read to the point where you said make it so you can’t buy potions and stuff with dram. That is what dram is for.

That isn’t in this post.

Why would you want to buy resources from an ingame store, with dram, which are already on the auction house, gathered by players?! Why would you want to buy dram, with real money, if the whole point of selling these resources is to earn dram?
Yea the store could offer more (provided they consider giving out more space to store all the cr…) but both of these ideas would crash the market alltogether and make it pointless.


I understood this as not having potions in auction house or market stalls. My bad if I misread

But in general I don’t like the idea of buying dram

Understandable. This just meant keeping legendary weapons and things of that caliber away from the store and npc merchants. Players should be able to sell and auction off whatever they want.

A game currency exchange works if the exchange rate is worse than the work needed to gather dram normally. This option would be prioritized by lazy people with money, get more money to the devs, and have no direct effect on anyone else. But this is a cold-blooded income tactic that most won’t be willing to get behind, so I get it not being a comfortable idea.

“Why would someone buy something they don’t need?” That’s what you’re asking and it’s been answered many times.

I feel the devs should keep the store only cosmetics and stuff. that being said I wouldnt mind them adding more cosmetics to the store


That would work for me as well.

When I (rarely) purchase any microtransactions, I think about supporting the game first then the reward second. I’ve purchased from the in-game store and I don’t use the items anymore, the sadisfaction of supporting a game I like is good for me. I’d rather donate to a proper cite

I don’t need the cosmetic items, they are cool reminders that I support the game. However, adding a few new items to show that I support the game would be nice.

The store is lacking in items but I don’t want locked content that gives others any advantages over those who don’t want to spend money I.E dram, materials, such like that. I respect the devs that they didn’t do that and the store isn’t in your face about spending nor does it make you feel that you have to.

Went on a bit of a tangent x3 I’m for new items in the store.

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