The legendary bow (my initial thought)


Gross, I know. Tell me you don’t see it though!
Plus I’m torn on the name. Bofishipede or Fishbopede?


Haha, Fishbopede for sure :joy:

  1. Fish don’t have legs, so -pede does not apply
  2. in the film model, all appendages are arranged such that locomotion can be achieved by the unit as a whole. Fishbow has both specimens with appendages opposed, which does not achieve the goal of locomotion.
  3. ???
  4. profit


I mean, the motion achieved by the bow would be closer to a jellyfish. In the same school as crawling is to walking for humans so I think it’s fair game.
Jellybofish, Jellyfishbo, fishbofish, fishbojelly, fishjellybo, none of them have the same ring to it.

Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we? To satiate the fish’s need for sustenance, the bow’s string must be coated with a dense syrup like coating that’s high in calorie count and with every arrow shot, the string rotates through the digestive system of each fish.
To keep your fish looking healthy, be sure to change direction of your bow string rotation twice a day.

This system has a chance to apply pink eye to your target. :rofl:


I know some find it amusing… but personally I’m not sure what the thinking was in this one.


In this post or the weapon itself?


The weapon itself. It’s just so… odd? Nonsensical? Suppose it could just be personal taste though.


it seems like a really weird idea but i for some reason like the bow xD, must be some weird taste


Seems like it should’ve been a tier 5 fishing quest reward… I just don’t understand it!!!

Here’s something I whipped up to make this bow seem more legit as a bow and yet keep the fish theme.


The best part about the legendary bow is that it probably has the most work out into it if any item in the game. The textures are all completed, and there’s even an ongoing animation where the fish move slightly. Who ever worked on this made it a real passion project because it’s been made to a higher degree of quality than literally any other piece of equipment.


@Mnemonic_Ghost nah the actual fish bow looks really unique for a bow, but the version u whipped up looks like it would be a lower tier one, you gotta remember that its a legendary, i mean no one would of ever thought to make two fish the limbs of a bow, thats why i find it to be a really nice idea,
Of course this is my opinion, i know some people dont like the bow


I do wish they would finish the last Two musketeer guns since they both have missing textures and looks like alot of time has been spent on then, its a shame that all people see is the fact that they have giant holes in them.


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