The mystery of Riley, what happened?


@Riley_D You used to be the most active public forum communicator and most responsive foreground worker of all the devs. We noticed it very quickly that this changed. I first started to worry. I still gave it time though seeing if there would be any public announcement about why (someone sick? vacation? change in responsibilities? in jail? Lawsuit silencing you? Family things?).

But after giving it 1.5+ months of complete silence (before that being way less active too) the chances are becoming that low that we would ever find out unless we ask. So here I am asking what changed inside the dev team that caused this decision, and how is Riley currently involved in this game?


I was saying earlier today that I would post a “Get well soon” thread for Riley as it would have to be pretty serious for him to disappear from the forums like this

Been 5 days since he last checked the forums now, recent read time has dropped down to 3h, which is nothing, pretty worrying to see for the lead Dev of the game


Hey – I’m definitely still involved in the project, haha. Internally my duties have shifted away from community management and more toward programming on some internal projects that we are working on for the long-term future of the game. Around the time you mention we implemented a rotation to get more of the other programmers involved on the forums handling questions and feedback which I think is going to be better for the entire project in the long run, since we had a bit of “if Riley gets hit by a bus” syndrome going on. At any rate, thanks for your concern but rest assured, Orbus is in very good hands including my own