The new DLC update

So I’d like to start off by saying, I feel like this game has been ruined. I was really into the original storyline and then this update starting floating around and I was excited about the retexture and then bam… the storyline was completely thrown out.

Now the game feels like I have no sort of direction and no idea where the story is even at. Practically ruins any drive I had to play, it is like getting into a book that’s got your attention and all you wanna do is read it then all of a sudden the next chapter is just blank pages.

This new DLC boasts a new storyline and I honestly would love to have a reason to actually play, but If I were going to drop another 10 bucks on this game I wanna know what I’m buying actually has a storyline. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is the case?

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I really enjoyed the DLC story and the areas were much more lively than the overworld, it was a huge improvement to reborn in my opinion


Have to agree on that. While I have not done the side quests I was the first to complete the main story and I was invested an immersed the whole way through. Despite the day 1 bugs ruining the experience slightly that where ironed out after I completed it I had a blast and do recommend.


Uhm, a DLC stands for downloadable content, it is optional… so it will never continue the MSQ, if you expected that, because it would not be the MSQ anymore :wink: . Of course it got a separate story, the other one is continued in the base game, with the updates there.

I enjoyed the DLC story as well, sometimes a bit much to read, but it was exactly what I expected, a compact story with some - well not very surprising - “surprises” and a (happy or not happy, no spoilers) end. The whole idea with shrinking and encountering the lizards alone was really cool (which we normally hunt as critters - only bit odd they live in hs though, and not in rainforest).

But if you’re not into questing or escort quests then save your money because that is mostly what it is about and once you are through there is mainly or only the treasures to hunt in there.
Grinders are happy over the many new grinding spots though, also the blue and occasional purple gear drops in the questing dungeon are worth a re-visit in shard downtimes.

The DLC is the only story written by Orbus that I’ve enjoyed. It wasn’t flawless but I actually enjoyed it.

Old MSQ was okay… it had good flow and bad-to-decent plot(sometimes it was good, sometimes I hated it). The reborn initial MSQ was/is bland and extremely confusing (should be completely scrapped & redone), and the updated MSQ has been an ongoing improvement that I hope can be eventually as good as the DLC.

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The content is very different from the previous updates that may seem a bit copy paste in that it has unique monsters, story line, quests and items. I really enjoyed it but would say it could be made more enjoyable by making a dungeon queue within the dlc as I dont see many people in the new areas

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