The Orbus Shard Dungeon Accomplishment Thread


After careful review of shard dungeons EK and Nox have decided to start a shard dungeon event/thread in order to better track the accomplishments of all fellowships after the shard dungeons release. All fellowships are invited to participate! With the way shards randomly choose dungeons with different lengths/difficulties as well as having random mutators it seems silly for anyone to call out World First for the first shard dungeon clear. With all that RNG involved luck of the draw would become too big of a factor. Instead let’s come together as a community and post our proof of our highest shard accomplishments. To submit your accomplishments post a screenshot of your highest shard here in this thread.

Let’s all have a good time and see how high of a shard level we can get!
Good Luck!!! :cowboy_hat_face:

Any form of negativity or toxicity is not invited to this event.


Good Morning Everyone!

Hope y’all are getting ready to play!!! :cowboy_hat_face:


Rebels Guild can happily report we are done with hmmm Wenderwood level one, in time, so far :slight_smile: !! (But hey… it’s still an achievement, no?)
First impression is, there is a lot of luck involved, type of modifications, shards etc. (most of us got desert shards and no time or willing to try that on the first day), so the rest will take a while.


Grats!!! These shard dungeons are a challenge!
Desert dungeon shard level 2 was brutal! Riley has adjusted it since.

Good job!!!


Jungle lvl 2 was pretty rough too, but we did have the tanky mutation. We did wenderwood lvl 1 as well:)


EK has had two groups make it to level 3 pre nerf. Here is a cool snapshot we took of starting the dungeons.


Level 4. Tank keeper is a terror!


Woop woop T4 complete. Not going for T5 soul keeper. I like my sanity thanks.


Only finished T1 Desert today and even this was a pain. Absolutely love this Shard-Dungeon-Thing! Gonna give this game another couple of dozen hours I guess :smiley:


Nova got there first level 6 Shard. Wish us luck!


Grats on making it to level 6!



World First Legendary goes to Decoy!


Wow the gun looks cool! Grats!

Please post a picture of the stats and affix.


Not really mine to post, but I don’t think Decoy will mind. He posted it in discord screen shots first I believe.


Rip on those affixes haha! Glad we will be able to re-roll!


F-825. Nice!!!

Grats again.


Yo Kamina grats on getting the first Archer legendary!!!


Awesome to hear Rejinx. I sadly have fallen under sickness but I know our other ek team is going strong.

I hope tomorrow I will be healed enough to go strong.


Wow the fish bow looks awesome!


I hope that’s an april fish! :laughing: