The Scav Armor Transmog

I’ve recently acquired a Scav Armor Transmog and the icon shows a bright white skull on a black + red chestpiece. Now, when I go to turn my Explorer’s Chest into the scav one, for some reason, the skull turns into a deep, almost black, red. I’ve checked and the primary dye slot alters the color for the base of the armor, and the accent dye colorizes the borders and edges of the piece.

What is going on? How can I get that nice white skull instead of this dead deep red? Is this a glitch? When clicking other transmog chestpieces in the wardrobe gallery, and then clicking the scav one, there is a brief moment where the skull IS a different color.
For example : clicking the batham chest, which features a bright green color, then clicking the scav… the skull is colored bright green for a split second, before reverting to the deep dark red.

Please help. I would hate to have to shelf this transmog after all the work it took to get it :frowning:
-edit addition-
Tried it with a neutral green tier non-dyed chestpiece. Skull is still super dark. All other transmogs look fine.