The Screen Repeatedly Going Black


Sometimes on when playing on orbus my screen starts going black then comes back , when ever that happens what ever I was doing stops.

Lets say I was drawing a spell , my screen goes black then comes back my spell then is ruined and I have to start over , if the enemy is weaker than you there is no problem in that , but if its a lot stronger than you and you can use every second to your advantage it is annoying.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Are you on SteamVR? Or Oculus?


I use oculus

Typing down her to get the 20 characters


Are you using an extension cable?


Yes I am , to be able to walk farther away form the pc


How long is the extender? Sometimes you need a powered cable or a proper extender to connect two cables instead of one long one.


Cant check right now , Im out , once I get home I can


Sorry I didnt type checked on the internet and found out why it happens