The tank monster

I realized today while grinding that there is actually 1 type of monster missing in the game that would help out people in learning how to play their class. And this is the tank monster.

How did I get to this thought? I learned most my scoundrel skills from grinding for a long time. But there is one part of scoundrel I don’t feel great in, and that is re-applying the curved bullet. Why? Because a monster is already death and in your face before you kill them. This way I didn’t really master that situation and never will without hitting a dummy for 50+ hours.

But if there was a monster in the game that would act like a tank then this would be solved. It would be something like this:

  • it would be a bit chubby
  • will be long ranged but doesn’t actively try to keep its range. So close range players can attack it and it won’t run away, and far ranged players can attack it and keep their dps.
  • it has big health bar so killing takes some time. More then the current elites. Forcing any rotatuon of any class to be repeated at least a few times before it dies.
  • It damages the player with a combi of undodgable and dodgable attacks. But it is a slow mob so you won’t die from it fast either.
  • it might have an interupt bar that if not interrupted heals up. But should be also a slow castbar with alot of time to interrupt.
  • Should give more xp then a normal monster because of taking way more time to kill. (Tag as elite I guess for the easy programmer way out)
  • potential dodge mechanics?

This monster would preferably be in the default world walking around, helping even newer players with playing and learning their class solo while also getting loot for it. The goal is helping out learning the class solo. Bonus for selfish reasons would be having some of them be part of popular grinding spots or popular grinding spots themselves.


Would like to add arguments to why this would not be scoundrel dps specific as it initially looked like:

  • Mage has affliction in their rotation, which is still on the mob and does not have to be re-applied before it dies with current low health monsters. So no rotation practice is forced upon for mages in solo overworld.
  • Ranger appearance of second poison arrow is rare too (for long distance mobs). And will die from elite monsters that don’t stay far away, so don’t get time anyway for much rotation repeat.
  • Shaman, placing the totems down once or twice and you are done with the current monsters. If they would be elites, shamans just die. The tank monster gives the shaman time to practice re-deploying totems on right timing.
  • I think these monsters are not that fun for the low dps that the healers and tanks fight with sadly.

Knight Scav. That is literally what you explained. (Minus the ranged part.)

and the health bit, knight scavs only have about 33% more health than other non elite monsters.
also the ranged part and the lots of health part would be the most important parts for this to work as a way for people to practice and learn their class. so no, Knights scav isn’t at all what scott suggested

Ah, I didn’t realize that they only had 33% more health than other monsters. I apologise.