The Well of Urd || Now Recruiting! now finished

What we are looking for in new members:
what class you use as your main class.
you can help out with events The Well of Urd puts on.
you want to have fun with the members.
you are willing to help with information gathering.
you are willing to help or accept the guild issued quests if necessary.

please post your class, in-game name and your level.
the level does not matter as much as the rest we don’t have a minimum level.

Thanks to everyone who applied we read through and found the players we needed ant thanks to everyone who ended up joining we have filled most of the slots in the fellowship we need to whate for the devs to add the next levels for the fellowships before we can recruit more. thanks to everyone who applied and sorry to those who didn’t get in we hope to get to have more fun and to host events for all the players soon.


Ranger Level 7 in game is Wisintel


level 11 ranger level 13 runemage, unsure of what i want to main. in game is Buto


Level 8 warrior in game name Cheeseburger


We are looking for great players, we will need more warriors however.

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Character Name: Skytu
Main Class: Marksman Lv 7 (Hybrid)
Main Raid Class: Marksman (Healer)
Main Dungeon Class: Marksman (Healer or Hybrid)
Off Class: Ranger Lv 5
Player type: Casual


Character Name: Milkman
Player type: Casual
7 Musketeer
6 Mage
5 Warrior
4 Ranger


With Your Playertype being casual, why do you want to join a guild?

Level 15 Ranger - main class. IGN: Justos

I’m primarily leveling to 20 and will slowly move onto roles that are required for group play. Whether that be warrior or musk, i’ll figure out whats needed when I reach endgame.

I have about 1-3 hours to play every weekday with weekends being free game.


Because I’m 38 and have a wife and an active real life. This game also seems to focus with being in a group to level. Why play a game only hardcore?


@Fern this is what i was talking about. (and i hope youre the same person)

@Afalo Im just gunna put your name down here. @Sparky talk to the man.

Hey RobotLove, I’m one and the same! Thanks for the tour tonight, it was extremely helpful and most appreciated.

Please accept this message as application for your fine guild.

In game name: Fern
Class: Warrior
Level: 12 and climbing!

My resume for MMOs is somewhat outdated as I took a break to play the MOBA Smite and tabletop strategy board games for the past several years. The primary reason that I recently avoided MMO’s and other video games is due to all of the sitting required, so I you can imagine how thrilled I am to finally get the chance to bash enemies with my sword and shield instead of spamming buttons. Most of my end-game PVE experience has been as a melee class, usually dps. I enjoy tanking in Orbus and would be delighted to fill that role too. I’d consider myself a hardcore player, and my satisfaction from the game comes from improving my skills. I’m looking for a mature guild with a focus on end-game content. My husband Geldan plays Orbus too and will be applying separately.

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I, too, would like to apply to The Well of Urd. After meeting and grouping with Robot I believe I will be a great fit for the fellowship.

Name: Geldan
Class: Musketeer
Level: 12

I have an extensive gaming (and MMO) history dating back to MUDs in the 90s and know how important a guild (fellowship) and all of its individual members can be.

Thanks for your consideration,


Greetings from the Eternal Knights! :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks guys, im talking to the guild currently. :smile:


Name: Xamthos
Class: Runemage
Level: 9

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Level 11 runemage

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Warrior level 9 and the name is Fix! I’d love to join your Fellowship if you’ll have me!

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